The Girl With the VSC Tattoo

By Koral Stewart

These past 2 years have been a blur for me. April 2016 was when it all started. I started to get into drugs pretty heavily.  I felt lost, hopeless, scared and like nothing would ever give me true joy again. I continued to feel that way for a few months, and got into some legal trouble.  It really felt like my life was over, and then December rolled around. Somehow I came across the Facebook group and was added on December 23rd–I didn’t even realize it till the 26th, (and that’s how I chose the date for my tattoo). Slowly but surely I started to become more active in the group, and more passionate about streetwear day by day. Eventually I decided that it was time to clean my life up, get off drugs, deal with my legal problems, and continue to better my life.

After about 6 months I met some of my best friends in the group, and with all the love and support from them, and the community as a whole, I was finally off drugs. I was still depressed of course; every day was a struggle, but after about a year of being in the group, that all started to change. I felt like i belonged  somewhere, like i was wanted. VSC is the best support system I’ve ever had. Now 2 years later, the group has grown so much, and it absolutely warms my heart so much to see how many new members we have, and how it grows by the day. If I had one wish, it would be that other people found the same “peace” that this group gave me. I want everyone to experience that. So that’s why I decided to get my tattoo, because this group saved my life. So much love in my heart for this community and every single one of you guys who offer me support on the daily. I feel blessed to be apart of this and can’t wait to proudly display my tattoo every day for the rest of my life. It’s been a crazy 2 years VSC and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this group, and every member in it!  Don’t forget, I’m only a message away if you ever need to talk to someone, or even just want someone to listen.

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