Shoe:Brain Dead x Converse

Release Date: October 26th, 2018

Price:(in CAD); $140 for the Chuck Taylor Hi, Clothing has not yet been announced.

Local Drops: Livestock Online & In-Store / Haven Online & In-Store

Brain Dead is a brand not a lot of people are awareof, but those who appreciate it know its wild and bold image. Led by, Kyle Ngand Ed Davis, recently they have collaborated with well known brands CarharttWIP, and Vans. Their next move with the brand is a collaboration with Converse,they have the simple silhouettes to allow Brain Dead the perfect canvas tocreate something bold that sticks to the consumers mind.

Using the Chuck 70’s, jackets and more they were ableto really put the brands aesthetic into the collaboration. The entirecollection is hyper focused on mixing different patterns and textiles togetherto create a whole new concept. The Chuck Taylor model features a variety ofpatterns throughout the entire upper even throwing a unique touch on the heeltab of each. The clothing and accessories are a mix of all of Converse’sconcepts Sport, Art, and Utility. Be sure to check out the drop happeningOctober 26th!

Written by Cole Smith

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