As most people in the streetwear crowd will agree on, Supreme is the industry giant and shows no signs of slowing down. But that wasn’t always the case. For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, Supreme New York started out as a humble skate shop in 1994. However, the brand has grown on a massive scale, recently striking a deal with the Carlyle Group for  $1,000,000,000 USD. But as most would agree, supreme isn’t your typical designer fashion brand. Here are 5 ways Supreme changed up fashion.


Most of the promos you’ll see for fashion brands include people generally showcasing good fitness, airbrushed jawlines, or whatever else  is needed to make the product look better. However, Supreme has always stayed true to its roots, using models from its skate team, friends of the company, or in some cases celebrities such as basketball player JR Smith.


As I noted in the above paragraph, most brands have pretty typical advertising and marketing schemes when it comes to fashion. However, one of the biggest ways that Supreme’s name got bigger (and bigger still) was through the Box Logo Sticker. As they would give out the stickers with each sale, skaters would put them anywhere. Be it their boards, poles, or metro areas, the stickers spread across the town like wildfire.

#3-Customer Care

Most stores value the satisfaction of the customer. It’s known as a basic principle of business, but Supreme doesn’t fit the role. Be it yelling at unsuspecting teens trying to walk into the store, the constant complaints about the website, or even the god-awful customer service (which I once had to experience), Supreme isn’t your typical nicey-nice brand. They simply have come to terms that everything sells, and that even if you hate it you’re going to keep coming back.


If I was to go looking, I could probably get most Gucci tees around 3-400, Saint Laurent Paris around 200, etc. Keep in mind their expenses were probably nowhere near this amount. However, you may say “But Shaan! I can only get a cracked ‘yankees’ for 200!” Well, that may be true. Most bogo tees run at least 200 for a 7.5/10+, but the common misconception is that supreme is overpriced. It’s not. 32$ USD is the shirt’s retail price, sometimes climbing to around 50$, but either way these aren’t really bad prices. However, most designer brand prices go for BELOW retail! So when people say “Supreme overcharges”, feel free to inform them that it’s a resale-driven market.


When you think “Hypebeast accessory”, the first thing in most heads is “Supreme.” While some may use their $2,000 Fender guitar, or drive a $3,000 minibike, the majority of the community can’t come close to dropping that cash on a novelty Supreme accessory item. Despite this, the bike still sold out in three seconds, and the Fender in nine seconds.. Most fashion brands weren’t doing accessories, and if they were, they were small ones. No brand has ever made a brick, hammer, crowbar, bolt cutters, and much more.

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Written by Shaan Brar

Photo Credits: Supreme New York, Wired

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